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New Casing and Tubing Related Inspections

NEW! Rig Ready Maintenance Inspection (CVD) – 2 Days

This course was developed to provide necessary training and testing for inspection company personnel involve in the verification of the final readiness inspection of pipe.  Training includes introduction to casing and tubing terminology (sizes, grades, weight, process of manufacture, applications, markings, defects, etc.), API 5CT drift requirements and conduct of the drift as well as the visual inspection of the pipe body.  The Visual Thread inspection course (see description below) is also part of this course.

Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) Level I & II – 3 Days each.

(MPI Level I is a prerequisite for the MPI Level II)

This course was developed to meet the guidelines of ASNT SNT-TC-1A. Level I will provide a basic knowledge of Magnetic Particle Inspection sufficient to enable the inspector to do inspections under the supervision of a Level II. The magnetic theory that is involved in OCTG inspection is thoroughly discussed, as well as the use of the various types of Magnetic Particle Inspection used in this industry.


The Level II course provides detailed instruction in the theory and practice of Magnetic Particle Inspection. Sufficient to allow him to work without direct supervision. Both courses are centered on inspection of OCTG and little time is spent on equipment or techniques not used in this industry. API & ASTM requirements are the basis of the specification requirement.



Ultrasonic Level I & II -5 Days each

UT Level -I is a prerequisite for UT Level II   Students should have scientific calculator, ultrasonic unit if available should be sent with student to class.

These courses were developed to meet the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A. The Level course provides a basic knowledge of Ultrasonic inspection. The course covers both compression and shear wave inspection. The student is provided with sufficient knowledge to standardize and use flaw detector ultrasonic equipment under the supervision of the Level II. The student is introduced to curved surfaces early in the course.


After a review of the Level I material, the Level II course work goes to work on flaw detection and sizing. The material is directed to being able to work with curved surfaces. The IPIA courses are the only ones we know of that are focused on curved surfaces. ASTM and API requirements are the basis of inspection requirements.


Introduction to Pipe Inspection for the Consumer - 2 Day Seminar

This seminar gives a comprehensive overview of the basic inspection methods, techniques and specifications used in OCTG inspection processes. The course does not get into equipment operational specifics. The class is intended for personnel needing an understanding of the inspection processes and requirements, but does not necessarily perform hands on equipment operations. The class is suggested for purchasing, sales, and monitoring personnel.

Topics covered are:

1.    Origin of Discontinuities

2.    Magnetics

3.    Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) – Historically, referred to as EMI

4.    Ultrasonics

5.    Threads and gauging instruments

6.    Mechanical measuring devices

7.    API Specifications and Recommended Practices


MFL (EMI) Inspection (Combined Level I and II) - 4 Days

(*Magnetic Particle Level I is a prerequisite for this course)


This course was developed to meet the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A. This course covers the theory and application for operating an MFL inspection unit. Each of the inspection assemblies (transverse, longitudinal, gamma wall, magnetic wall and grade comparator) is covered in terms of theory, mechanical setup, electronic processing, electronic setup, and chart interpretations. The requirements of API Spec 5CT and API RP 5A5 are also covered.

1.    Transverse inspection assembly

2.    Longitudinal inspection assembly

3.    Gamma wall thickness assembly (is it is being used by member so the class)

4.    Magnetic wall monitoring

5.    Grade comparator

6.    Requirements of API Spec 5CT and RP 5A5


Basic Inspection - 5 days

This course covers basic inspection skills needed to support automated inspection equipment. API Specifications and API RP5A5 are used extensively in this course. These subjects can also be offered separately to meet individual company requirements. Subjects include:

1.    Mechanical measurement

2.    Ultrasonic thickness gaging (if appropriate)

3.    Drift testing

4.    Visual thread inspection (see detailed description on next page)

5.    Detection, evaluation and classification of imperfections

6.    Pipe manufacturing and origin of defects


Thread Gauging (new casing and tubing only)- 5 days

This course covers API tubing, casing (except Extreme Line and line pipe threads). API STD 5B is used as the primary source for the inspection requirements.


The students are required to obtain all the inspection data required for API Std 5B. They are also required to gauge selected connections. This requires them to extract or calculate dimensions and tolerances from API STD 5B prior to the actual inspection. In addition to the standard API requirements, functional diameter gauging is also taught in this course. The course is designed for those who gauge threads but is also popular with oil company personnel and third party monitors.


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging – 1 Day

This course was developed to meet the guidelines of SNT-TC-1A. The course provides a basic knowledge of Ultrasonic Thickness Gauging. The course covers both compression theory and application for thickness gauging specifically on curved surfaces. The student is provided with sufficient knowledge to standardize and use ultrasonic thickness gauging equipment



Visual Thread Inspection – 1 Day

This course covers the visual inspection on tubing and casing thread, based on the visual requirements of API Standard 5B, including how the various seals work, thread visual imperfections, area of threads and classification of thread imperfections are covered.


Other Standard Courses offered by IPIA:

Liquid Penetrant Inspection Level I & II combined course (2 days)

Liquid Penetrant Inspection Visible Dye only Level I & II combined course (1 days)

Used Drill Pipe Inspection (5 days)

Bottom Hole Assembly Inspection (3 days)

Rotary Shoulder Connection Thread Gauging (4 days)

Used Tubing and Casing Inspection (4 days)


Other Courses May Be Developed to Meet Your Training Requirements




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